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What can Digital Forms Everywhere do for you.

You love paperwork don’t you, the printing, using, scanning, and then throwing it away.

For something that gives you so much pleasure, why make the change to using Digital Forms Everywhere, I mean no more printing, no more finding a clipboard to support the paper form to write on after finding a pen, then the good bit depriving the office girl the joy of scanning and then throwing the form into the bin or putting through a shredder, don’t tell the garbage person that they will not be coming around to collect the rubbish as often.

You know your staff loves the paperwork as much as you do, maybe even more, they are always saying, we need more paperwork please, are you willing to take that joy of them and watch the morale slump.

Dealing with the records the government wants can be a pain in the arse, don’t have your arse chewed out.

You can’t ditch the need to record stuff, just limit your use of paper and save yourself the feeling of “what a waste of time”.

You can’t ditch the need to record stuff, just limit dealing with paperwork,  make it easy on yourself simply start using Digital Forms Everywhere.