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Remove the pain of dealing with paperwork

You’re Business Savvy

Being better than other businesses is what makes you stand out, it’s hard work but the payoff is worth it.

You’re Business proud

Your business is a great achievement, being recognised is the reward of your hard work, maybe you still want to grow?

Growing Your Business

As you grow, so does the paperwork, you need to unbusy your office, we can assist you to do that.

Having been a business owner dealing with paper forms and the processing and filing was a pain in the arse, this was highlighted even more when I spent 10 plus years, working in government, seeing the amount of paperwork that had to be dealt with owners trying to get on with business, watching people struggle through the recording of information needed to run a business, the forms that had to be lodged, the records that needed to be kept, and each year there was more and more.

So much red tape, with Workplace Health and Safety, HR, Tax, and Insurance requiring more information, explains why businesses struggle to cope with the paperwork that is generated to allow any business to function efficiently.

The easiest way to manage the ever-growing mountain of paperwork drowning business is to use today’s technology, understanding the needs of running a business meant it had to be easy to use and affordable, so we applied the KISS principle. (“Keep it simple stupid”) when developing it.

After 3 years of development, the Digital Forms Everywhere service is customisable, allows for easy integration into how businesses currently operate, requiring minimal training, using Digital Forms Everywhere can lessen the paperwork in any business.

From contracts to quotes, timesheets to checklists, dealing with paperwork can feel like a time-consuming chore.
But does it have to be?     Remove paper to remove the delays and burdens that come with managing the never-ending paperwork, while also reducing cost, mistakes, and wasted time.

Paperwork can feel even more onerous when forcing users to record and enter data manually into databases, repeatedly, users will need to continue transferring their paperwork by hand.

 Unbusy your workplace ditch the clipboard.

Using the free App allows for those with company phones to get started without delay once the user has been assigned a form to use.


Using the App also means that you can use forms or obtain coordinates when mobile data is not available, the form submission is temporally stored into the phone and is uploaded as soon as an internet connection is available.

One of the features is the QR Code generator to allow online access to forms or information, QR Codes in can make life easier for the administration of a business.

If you have machinery or equipment that is used by different staff, having a QR Code can assist in refreshing the use of or in case of repair outlay the steps needed to meet safety standards, the operator simply scans and the information is there, saving time in finding the manual.

Some things are meant to be simple, don’t overcomplicate things.

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