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To save time and money in your business,
you should use today’s technology.

There is a mammoth and rapid increase in productivity without increasing costs when you use this service.    You will see clear differences between the paperwork and the Digital form because it makes your business ten times better than it was.

You have become business canny

With the use of this service, you get the likelihood of being favourable to other businesses. Since you are putting in hard work to this service, it makes your business unique and you stand out among competitors.

You’re business confident

Most people crave a successful business that brings peace of mind and pride. With this service, your business becomes an enormous accomplishment. Your business becomes highly recognized amongst your competitors and it results in the gift of being industrious and determined.

Grows your business very swiftly

What most entrepreneurs work for is to grow their business, wouldn’t you take the opportunity if you had one? Thus, it is advisable to use this service because it contributed extensively to the growth of any business.

In most cases, what ameliorates the advancement of a business is being fast and confident in the execution of jobs, this service procures all of that.

There is no doubt that digital forms are much more than paper forms. During the days of paper forms, processing and filing was a very big job and it takes extra precautions not to mix up files.

In addendum, recording of data and information is much more difficult during the paper forms era. However, there is a solution to all these complexities and the solution is the use of today’s technology.


“Don’t take our word, this is what some of our users say”

Wayne and his team have been very supportive and helpful over the past few months while we have been setting up and implementing Digital Forms Everywhere into our business.
By having this system in our business, it saves us up to 2 hours a day, enabling us to spend more time growing the business. Knowing that the information we receive from my guys out working, such as time-stamped records and information within each PDF, is accurate and done in a timely manner, is very helpful when dealing with many other aspects of our business.
Doug – Top Property Services

I no longer send out a 3-page word document attachment to an email for my new customers, I simply send them a link to the forms they need,  they fill out their requirements, and provide me the information I need to service them. I get the secure form as a PDF ready to save into my record system, no more scanning.
Savanah – Retirement Solutions

Managing staff training and ensuring that work procedures and safety is now ever so easy. I always wanted to do things better but thought the cost would be a big factor, I am glad I was introduced to Digital Forms Everywhere.  It has proven useful in more areas than we initially thought by providing reference documents for the technicians quickly as well as helping to reduce the time for processing customer paperwork.
Neil – Bosch Service Centre NDM

There are intriguing benefits to using this technology. After 3 years of development, the Digital Forms Everywhere product is customisable. It makes it apparent for users to use it to their taste and function.

Proudly Australian made

This service could save your business

The advantages of the use of today’s technology come with a lot of advantages and this makes it possible in saving your business for the better. Dealing with paperwork can be a time-consuming chore and it slows down the efficacy of businesses.

 From contracts to quotes, checklists to timesheets, and so on, there is no doubt that it can lead to mistakes, time-wasting, and even more expensive. The use of today’s technology diminishes cost, mistakes, and makes work faster.

For those with company phones, you can get started without a dawdle by using the free app once the user has been allocated a form to use.



 You can use forms and obtain coordinates offline when you use the App. As soon as an internet connection is available, the form submission is stored on the phone and uploaded.

The App is available on both the Google play store and the iOS App Store.

How to get started (QR code)
The feature of the QR code is unique because it allows online access to forms or information. This makes it very easy to run a business.

If there is any equipment or machinery that can be used by different staff in a company, the use of the QR code can assist in refreshing the use and repairing steps needed to meet safety standards. With the use of the code, you can easily scan the pieces of information available and save more time in finding the manual.

 Unbusy your workplace ditch the clipboard.

Several things are meant to be easy, do not complicate them.

The development of this product stems from having been a business owner working with paper forms, processing and filing was a very difficult and complex task. It became more obvious when I spent a decade working in the government.

The struggle of recording information needed for business has been very difficult and stressful. There are many other files like records that need to be kept, forms that had to be lodged, and so on. For each year, it was a greater task every single day.

In other areas like workplace health and safety, Tax, HR, and insurance which requires more information, it makes it vivid of the stress in paperwork and the need for something better to replace it to make any business function effectively.

Since the ever-growing mountain of paperwork is gradually becoming a flat basement, the easiest way to regulate it is by making use of today’s technology. When formulating it, we applied the KISS (“keep it simple stupid”) doctrine which makes it inexpensive and very easy to use which aids the awareness and need to keep running a business.

It allows for convenient integration into how businesses operate currently. Nevertheless, it proposes minimal training and serves as a satisfactory solution because Digital Forms Everywhere can mitigate the paperwork in any business.